Any entrepreneurial strategy goes along a coherent financial planning.  The difficult times that companies have encountered over the last fifteen years clearly mark the requirement for management to constantly anticipate financing needs but also to manage the rise of various risks, new competitors or the danger of an unpredictable systemic crisis.  In this regard, recent history has clearly shown that no market position is secure in the long term and that the ability to access to funding can be as much the result of external events that the consequence of the company’s own positions or strengths.

At the same time, the ESG revolution is gradually becoming a key item when assessing both the governance and the performance of a company as well as its ability to attract and retain talents.  Within that context, the finance function is at the heart of the company’s strategy, with the mission of ensuring permanent access to various sources of financing but also becoming an interlocutor of the financial community on the subjects of performance, governance and transformation.